Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Milano - #MDW2017 – Missoni – Wallpaper – Jannelli and Volpi - Party

Milano - #MDW2017 – Missoni – Wallpaper – Jannelli and Volpi
"Take It Easy": Missoni's installation for the annual Salone del Mobile in Milan is an exploration of the power of wallpaper to take you away to another world. Here's a taste of the installation designed by Missoni’s creative director Angela Missoni in preparation for the launch of Missoni’s first foray into wallpaper, in partnership with Jannelli and Volpi: the video was made in collaboration with Otolab.

"The collaboration with Jannelli and Volpi, masters of the art of wallpaper, is the new precious component of the MissoniHome Collection. It was a pleasure to find out in creating this new Collection the reciprocal affinities: the deep roots of family traditions, professionalism and passion for the Our crafts "
Rosita Missoni, Creative Director

Angela Missoni and Mariuccia Casadio

Bambi Parodi Delfino

Carla Alvera, Antonella Boralevi, Paola Caovilla and Giorgia Ceccato

Uberta Zambeletti and Maddalena Gracis

Luca Missoni

Arthur Arbesser and Fabio Giglio

Carolina Nisivoccia  


Bruno Ragazzi and Antonio Monfreda

Maddalena Gracis, Sveva Camurati and Asia Prisco

Angelo Jelmini

Gentucca Bini


Chiara Dal Canto, Nicolo Moronato, Pas Leccese, Giulia Curra
Paola Coin

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Milan #MDW2017 – Restaurant – Bibendum

Here food means home!”

Milan #MDW2017 – Restaurant – Bibendum
Chef Marta Pulini’s new Bibendum restaurant with Rossana Orlandi and curated by Paola Navone

“I’ve always loved researching the purest and most natural ingredients even when they weren’t in fashion.” 
Baby spinach salad with green apple, shaved Parmesan cheese, sesame seeds and lemon citronelle

We Italians discover the greatest pleasure in homemade food, and in its proper special place: the home kitchen.”
Quinoa salad with chickpeas, preserved lemons, toasted almonds and sun-dried cherry tomatoes

"Marta has developed during her entire life a deep sense of know how, starting with the simplest ingredients which remain recognizable and intact.”
Sabbiosa cake with mascarpone cream
Seen at Bibendum Valerie Traan
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Monday, April 24, 2017

Milano - #MDW2017 – Minimal Cucine - Bisazza

Ventura Lambrate – Minimal Cucine
The new Minimal Cucine flagship store opened in a gallery like loft space in the Lambrate Ventura area, showcasing their minimal kitchens to their greatest advantage.
Verve Sliding Top in stainless steel and reclaimed wood
M22 Sliding Top in mitered cut black hemlock with a vertical grain

“Developing the concept of "Homeric cleansing" by Adolf Loos, the kitchen collections I have developed have been designed with a focus on extreme consistency, with the concept to subtract the superfluous. I have therefore deliberately created monoliths where matter fuses with the environment, fossil wood with cement, steel with natural stone.”
Fabio Zanette

Minimal Cucine

Milano #MDW2017 – Bisazza
In the Bisazza flagship store Rossella Bisazza and Humberto Campana presented the new Cementile collection designed with his brother Fernando for Bisazza.


Bisazza – Cementiles - Fernando and Humberto Campana
“For this project we were inspired by the Brazilian geode stone. We wanted to create a dialogue between the layers found in the interior of the rock and the swirls of our sushi series to compose a colorful and versatile collection that can be applied in vast array of environments.  The richness of Brazil and the immense fortune of crystals petrified in an icon image which became a tile.”
Fernando and Humberto Campana


Bisazza – Mosaico – Greg Natale
"People might associate my aesthetic with symmetry and bold geometrics, but I have always believed that when working with pattern, organic and geometrics need to sit side-by-side to have optimal effect, so I am thrilled to be presenting this range of organic designs with Bisazza.  In this collection I wanted to explore how motifs that are so wild, uneven and random could be reinterpreted, attractively, within a medium, as linear and unvarying as sheeted mosaic square tiles."
Australian designer Greg Natale

 Seen at Bisazza - Tord Boontje and Paola Navone
Swatch watch Thammada designed by Paolo Navone
Bisazza - Greg Natale – Groove Rose Mosaico

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Milano #MDW2107– Galleria Manzoni - Multiplex – Tom Dixon – Ikea


Milano #MDW – Galleria Manzoni - Multiplex – Tom Dixon – Ikea

What happens if you Mix Tom Dixon and 75 design students and Ikea?

Tom Dixon’s ambitious Multiplex was located in the Galleria Manzoni, a classic shopping arcade with a multitude of boutiques, some were re-created for the event by Tom to highlight and host his products, some curated or collaborated with his friends. Whilst, against the backdrop of 50’s Italian glamour, Tom told stories and showed his products under the title of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, in the enormous 840-seat cinema theater;  the venue for a combination of culture, entertainment and commerce events - the very essence of Milan Design Week.

Cut Lights
In the year of Euroluce, Tom Dixon celebrated luminosity with a series of pendants, another leap forward in his deep investigation of futuristic optics. The new collections included: Cut a faceted light with a space-age mirror finish when off and an endless repeated reflection when switched on.

Teatro Manzoni lounge
The Teatro Manzoni lounge was furnished with Tom’s Wingback chairs and Delaktig sofas designed for Ikea.

On Stage – Press Conference
Tom introduces the Delaktig Bed/Sofa, in collaboration with Ikea, a living platform designed as an open source aluminum frame. Everyone is able to create, add-ons and modifications from pillows and covers to lamps and side tables to make the Bed/Sofa more personal. Throughout the week, Ikea ran a Film Festival in the cinema; exclusive movies about creativity and radical design were shown.

Swedish designer Marcus Engman  - head of design for Ikea  


Delaktig Bed/Sofa
Throughout the design process, Tom and Ikea had also been working with 75 students from the Royal College of Art in London and Parsons School of Design in New York and Tokyo to invent new ways to modify the bed. 

The Galleria Manzoni
Each shop in the Galleria Manzoni, was a showcase for Tom Dixon’s products as well as five more shops operated by; leading home sound system Sonos, Iota (a social project striving to design beautiful handmade objects for the interior while creating jobs for otherwise unemployed people worldwide), furniture maker Mabeo, luxury surface brand Compac (in collaboration with acclaimed artist and designer Arik Levy) and Ikea.


Tom Dixon

The Veterans Bird Chaise – Top Mega Pendant System 

Tom Dixon

The Veterans S Chairs
Born in Tom’s 80s London workshop the S Chair is the prequel to its sibling still produced in Italy by legendary furniture company Cappellini, it is re-engineered to take account of the latest developments in manufacturing technology.


Tom Dixon – Office
In the Office, the Workspace collections including Slab desks, Boom lights and Y Chairs.

The Hack Bar
 Arabeschi di Latte’s food designer and architect Francesca Sarti, created in the lounge of the Teatro Manzoni, The Hack Bar: a cafe together with Bibendum Food Experience, which served cinema and bar classics with a twist.

The Corn Kiosk
A hack of the classic popcorn kiosk, turning popcorn into real dishes. Piles of corn are ready to be spiced up with fresh and dried condiments, from bacon to sage, from dried tomatoes to charcoal. 

A Rubber Shop - Tomoto

Curated by tire giant Pirelli and Italian motorcycle manufacturer Moto Guzzi showcasing for the first time a Tom Dixon x Moto Guzzi - Tomoto bike and limited-edition tires designed by Tom Dixon.
Wallpaper’s Tony Chambers


The Rubber Shop
Handmade natural chewing gum performances created by Arabeschi di Latte with London based Mexican designer Fernando Laposse.
Compac – Kryptonite Installation  - Arik Levy

The Perfumery Shop - la Rinascente

Mabeo - Table by Ines Bressand

The Teatro Manzoni Terrace

Tom Dixon - Screw Stool


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